Smart Replication Algorithm Can Accurately Clone Your Handwriting

University College London researchers have developed a smart algorithm that is capable of taking a sample of handwritten text, analyzing it and imitating it, allowing a computer to clone a person’s handwriting.

The new algorithm, or rather a machine learning tool, is called “My Text In Your Handwriting”. It works by marking up each letter and punctuation mark in a sentence and looking in detail at how every letter is actually produced (written). Then, it allows users to type in a sentence or even an entire document and have a computer “handwrite” it in highly authentic detail. This means that the end result includes things like penline texture, joining-up technique between letters, etc.

In fact, when the researchers ran a user study in which they gave the participants samples of the same sentence in real handwriting and computer handwriting, they were unable to tell the difference.

Interestingly, the new algorithm is also capable of producing the handwriting of historical figures, providing that the researchers find the necessary handwriting samples, of course.


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