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Cryptography is an invisible safety guard of people. The word originates from Greek words kryptós and graphein, and each of them means “secret” and “writing”. Cryptography through long history has been brought us different benefits. What cryptography basically does is to keep information secured from others. The most typical example for this is cryptosystem during wars. When World War II occurred, both Allies and German put large amount of resources to build cryptosystem because some actually telegrams decide the outcome of a war. The Enigma, which is the cryptosystem of German, was once considered as not decipherable. The process of decryption was so dramatic that it is made as a movie “The Imitation Game”.


One thought on “Reply to Club Topic #3

  1. I really like how you elaborated on the benefit of cryptography by providing an example. It would be much easier for the readers to understand how cryptography increases the security of information. Thank you so much for an insightful post! 🙂


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