Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition is a branch of machine learning and focuses on finding regularities and pattern in data. Pattern recognition is employed in image recognition and classification software such as that which is in use by companies like Facebook, Google and even your mobile. Facebook uses algorithms to match the faces in your image to one … More Pattern recognition

Algorithm to predict police misconduct

Police misconduct worldwide is a major problem and involves incidents like fatal shootings, mistreating citizens and involvement in corruption activities. Various preventive measurements have been taken up to date to tackle these issues like fitting police cars with recording systems and introducing penalties for misconduct but still such cases exist and are frequently reported. Algorithms … More Algorithm to predict police misconduct

Computational Complexity

When talking about algorithm design and implementation, every once in a while you may have heard about Computational Complexity. Computational complexity theory is a branch of theory of computation which is also a sub-field of theoretical computer science. It focuses on classifying computational problems like problems in algorithm designs according to their inherent difficulties. It … More Computational Complexity