An Algorithm For Taxi Sharing

Uruguay researchers have developed a taxi-sharing algorithm that could completely revolutionize city transport. Smart cities of the future will require a lot of transportation planning, as “sharing economy” will play a crucial role – we will have ride-sharing schemes, office rental, and home rental schemes, etc. While car-sharing schemes will definitely be a thing, taxis … More An Algorithm For Taxi Sharing

Do Amazon’s Algorithms Play Fair?

It seems that Amazon’s recommendations tend to steer their users toward their own products and partners instead of to best deals. Recently, ProPublica conducted a research showing that Amazon’s pricing algorithms actually favor its own gear or gear of companies that pay for its Fulfilled by Amazon program, which would be fine if those are … More Do Amazon’s Algorithms Play Fair?

Speech Recognition Algorithms Help Law Enforcement

Did you know that law enforcement agencies lose billions of dollars per every year because of hoax calls? Hoax calls can be obvious jokes, but they can also be bomb threats. In other words, because of the potential seriousness of these calls, it’s not a good idea to ignore even the obvious ones. But this … More Speech Recognition Algorithms Help Law Enforcement