eHarmony’s Compatibility Algorithm Revealed

Dating website eHarmony has unveiled its compatibility algorithm that has been helping people find each other for the last 16 years. Although the site’s algorithm has been kept private until now, the developers have decided to reveal it so that users can better understand why they’ve been matched with others. “We’ve been investigating and working … More eHarmony’s Compatibility Algorithm Revealed

Google’s Algorithms Soon To Bring The Invisible reCAPTCHA

As most of you can remember, Google’s original CAPTCHA test proved whether someone was human or a bot by asking a person to type a word or two or identify images. Since that was basically a time waster, two years ago Google replaced CAPTCHA with No-Captcha reCAPTCHA. Here, users only had to click a checkbox … More Google’s Algorithms Soon To Bring The Invisible reCAPTCHA

Control for London’s Gold Market Heats Up

The London Bullion Market Association happens to be one of the oldest gold trading platforms, where over $5 trillion worth of gold contracts are exchanged, but it is done through the over-the-counter (OTC) mechanism that has largely become outdated and a big concern for counterparty risk is present since no clearinghouse is involved. It all … More Control for London’s Gold Market Heats Up

A Better and Faster Recommendation Algorithm

As anyone using the Internet can tell, there are recommendation systems everywhere – from suggesting the movies you should watch and products you should buy to suggesting the people you should date. The problem with these systems is that they are based on the assumption that similar people have similar preferences and buy similar things … More A Better and Faster Recommendation Algorithm

Fertility Algorithm

CERN physicist – who helped find the Higgs boson particle by the way – Elina Berglund, has created an algorithm that has been used to both prevent unwanted pregnancies and help women conceive. The new algorithm is now a fertility app called Natural Cycles. “I wanted to give my body a break from the pill,” … More Fertility Algorithm