The Highly Practical Apriori Algorithm

Apriori algorithm is one of the more practical and commonly used algorithms today. It’s a sequence used for dataset mining and is truly helpful in forming associations within the dataset. The fact that it can be used to make assumptions about the relationships within the group makes it highly significant in identifying trends.   This … More The Highly Practical Apriori Algorithm

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Cryptography is an invisible safety guard of people. The word originates from Greek words kryptós and graphein, and each of them means “secret” and “writing”. Cryptography through long history has been brought us different benefits. What cryptography basically does is to keep information secured from others. The most typical example for this is cryptosystem during … More Reply to Club Topic #3

Donald Knuth: Father of the Analysis of Algorithms

Donald Knuth is considered a genius in the fields of computer science and algorithms. He was responsible for a number of developments in theoretical computer science as well as creating multiple programming systems. But most importantly, Knuth developed the way to analyze the complex algorithms and penned down a number of mathematical techniques to achieve … More Donald Knuth: Father of the Analysis of Algorithms

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Imagine two people who share an important secret have to split up. This requires them to communicate private information from a distance. However, an ease dropper named James also wants this information and has the ability to intercept the message. So these two people, Alice and Bob decide to communicate using letters written in some … More Reply to Club Topic#3

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Cryptography is a study of encryption. Encryption is converting an original object(number, string, picture, file, anything transferable) called “plaintext” into a special form, so that only a few, allowed people can access to the information. And then those who has the encoded plaintext, called “ciphertext”, will decode in a particular way to retrieve plaintext. Ⅰ. … More Reply to Club Topic #3: Encoding methods

Algorithmic Information Theory

Algorithmic information theory is a cross between the fundamentals involved in both information theory and computer science. It revolves around the belief that all objects are composed of strings. The information on these strings corresponds to the shortest, compressed illustration of that string. In terms of algorithm, this compressed information is the program. When the … More Algorithmic Information Theory