The World belongs to those who Know how to Code

Whatever we use today, from our mobile phones to the apps, our LED televisions, those good looking tablets, laptops, operating system, ATM machine, all have one thing in common. That is a code. Coding has revolutionized how humans can make computers interact and do things differently. The Facebook you use was built on a code, … More The World belongs to those who Know how to Code

DRM encryption

I know the hurdles and the sleepless nights involved in coding an app or a software may be for mobile phones or computers. And what is more important is that the journey doesn’t even end here after completing the software there are many other hurdles still left like marketing the software and providing customer service … More DRM encryption

Where is Prisoner’s dilemma applied?

Prisoner’s dilemma is widely used in both international and domestic politics. When arranging treaties or reaching a compromise, many apply prisoner’s dilemma to come up with an ideal situation for both sides. One of the main areas where prisoner’s dilemma is mentioned is when dealing with international environmental issues. Without reaching a compromise, all countries … More Where is Prisoner’s dilemma applied?