Response to club topic#2

I was searching the Internet thinking of various algorithms that are used in our lives, and I came across an algorithm named PageRank, named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites. It is not the only algorithm used by Google to order search engine results, but it is the first algorithm that was used by the company, and it is the best-known. The reason why this algorithm is used is that it is much more precise, objective, and unbiased. Newsfeeds on Facebook can be a similar example of PageRank.


2 thoughts on “Response to club topic#2

  1. I was unaware that PageRank was the first algorithm used by Google. So, I am glad that I learned something new by reading your post. It is intriguing to find out about algorithms applied in social networking sites. Great work!! 🙂


  2. It’s pretty obvious that computer programmers use algorithms a lot and this supports it, but I read some news that those companies are actually returning to the old way for their search engines. It will be very helpful for you to learn some sid eeffects of automatic algorithms as well. Anyway, good job! 😀


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