Are Facebook’s Algorithms a Neutral Force?

You probably already know that Facebook’s algorithms determine what you’ll see on your newsfeed. But, are these algorithms a neutral force that simply tally the votes of what’s most popular, or are they – like its creators – biased? An interesting thing happened recently. Several former Facebook workers claimed that they were instructed to artificially … More Are Facebook’s Algorithms a Neutral Force?

First Images Of Black Holes Could Come From an Algorithm

MIT researchers have developed a novel algorithm that could help astronomers create the first image of a black hole. The algorithm, called CHIRP, would combine data collected from various radio telescopes around the globe. The new project is under the auspices of the Event Horizon Telescope, an international collaboration which seeks to turn the planet … More First Images Of Black Holes Could Come From an Algorithm

Behind Screen: Siri’s Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of computer science and its development we have got some amazing services and one of the best things of these is the artificially intelligent personal assistants. These digital personal assistants are some of the most useful features smartphones are to offer. The most famous digital personal assistants are Siri, Samsung Voice and … More Behind Screen: Siri’s Artificial Intelligence