Quantum Computing Algorithms in Chrome

Although quantum computers exist only in an experimental state (for now), there’s no doubt they’re coming soon. The bad news is, as any new technology, quantum computers will also bring along many security concerns, including quantum algorithms that could completely destroy the encrypted communications we’re using today. To prepare for the future, Google is testing quantum-secure connections in its Chrome browser.

Google’s testing of post-quantum cryptography connections between Google’s servers and Chrome should ensure security in the future. They will experiment with connections using New Hope post-quantum algorithm. However, their experiments will only be carried out on a small part of connections while still using the standard encryption that is already in place in order to not compromise user security during the tests, so all you Chrome users, don’t worry.

These experiments will last for two years as Google does not expect to create any actual standard for quantum computing with these experiments, but to simply prepare for further testing.

If you’re using Chrome Canary, you can check out this quantum experiment if, of course, you’re one of the test subjects: security tab – search for CECPQ1.


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