Toyota’s Heart-Monitoring Algorithm Looks to Prevent Car Crashes


Heart attacks are scary on their own, but if they happen while the person is driving a car, they’re double scary as they’re no longer a life-threatening event for one person but for anyone nearby. For this reason, Toyota is looking into using new technology for its cars that can predict heart attacks and bring the car to a safe stop.
The new technology consists of an algorithm-powered system embedded inside the car that can monitor and predict adverse cardiac events. To develop it, Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been working with Kayvan Najarian, who is the director of data science at the Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care.
One of the biggest challenges when developing an algorithm that can predict heart attacks is to create an accurate algorithm, one that doesn’t make any unnecessary stops – those made in error. In essence, the algorithm needs to be able to detect small changes in heart rhythms but ignore the noise and motion that normally happens inside the car.
Currently, the team is exploring various hardware options for sensors and monitors which could be safely built into car components such as steering wheels and seat belts and send physiological data to the algorithm using officially approved heart monitors.

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