Bee-Inspired Algorithm Helps Law Enforcement Catch Criminals

Inspired by the intelligent social behavior of bees, scientists from the University of Granada (UGR) have created a new algorithm which allows law enforcement to attack any kind of social network that poses a threat, such as those linked to jihadist terrorism and organized crime.

The novel algorithm is capable of automatically detecting and identifying the most dangerous individuals within a social network, as well as the density of the interconnected relationships within it. This information can help law enforcement decide on the course of action and act in the most efficient way possible and therefore catch the criminals.

As for the bee-inspiration, the researchers explain that bees form intelligent and well-organized societies, where each member has its own specific role. There are three main types: scout bees, looking for food resources; worker bees, collecting the food; supervisor bees, waiting in the colony. Communication processes are exchanged between those three types, making the overall performance of the colony profitable.

So, the team decided to simulate this intelligent bee-behavior using silico bees. The result? Improved strategy for attacking and dismantling criminal social networks.

Currently, the scientists are working on the development of other, similar algorithms that should further help law enforcement authorities and that could be applicable in other areas as well.


University of Granada via (


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