Predictive Algorithms for Safer Homes

A company called OneEvent has developed a system that uses predictive algorithms to protect people’s homes. Their system, OnePrevent, along with numerous environmental sensors, learns what’s “normal” within a user’s home, and then predicts disasters before they actually happen.

According to the company itself, OnePrevent “brings life safety and security systems into the modern age with an intelligent solution that protects buildings and homes — and, most importantly — the people within them”. The goal is to switch from reaction to prevention with this system, and in doing so, to improve the safety of the user’s home and reduce costs.

The system takes advantage of the company’s cloud-based predictive analytics engine, along with various wireless sensors that constantly measure things like temperature, moisture, humidity, light and so on, to learn what is “normal” within its environment. After it learns what is normal for a kitchen for example, the system is able to predict a disaster before it even happens. How? Well, if some of the critical data points are out of the regular or normal for that particular room, the system knows something’s up. If that happens, OnePrevent alerts homeowners, and they’re able to take preventative measures.

Most importantly, the system’s predictive algorithms enable it to constantly learn and not give out false positive alerts all the time.


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