Google’s Algorithms Soon To Bring The Invisible reCAPTCHA

Image result for Google’s Algorithms Soon To Bring The Invisible reCAPTCHAAs most of you can remember, Google’s original CAPTCHA test proved whether someone was human or a bot by asking a person to type a word or two or identify images. Since that was basically a time waster, two years ago Google replaced CAPTCHA with No-Captcha reCAPTCHA. Here, users only had to click a checkbox next to a statement “I am not a robot” in order to get to the website they wanted.

And now, according to Google, the new reCAPTCHA is almost here.

The Invisible ReCaptcha will be able to determine whether someone is human without a user needing to do anything. If you’re wondering how, here’s the gist: te new reCAPTCHA will rely on algorithms in Google’s Advanced Risk Analysis technology, meaning it will access the user’s ‘before, during, and after’ encountering a CAPTCHA screen.

Basically, the new website robot filter will be able to recognize your humanity based on your past behavior. While this might sound a bit worrying for those already concerned with Google knowing too much about them, it will certainly speed things up. Reducing the time needed to fill in forms with the same high-level of spam detection that we’ve become accustomed to, sounds like a great thing.


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