A Smart Algorithm That Helps You Pick Your Favorite Wine

Image result for A Smart Algorithm That Helps You Pick Your Favorite WineThere will soon be an interesting new way to buy wine and it involves a help from a smart algorithm.

E-commerce platform called Verve Wine that will launch in December 2016 will offer around 1,000 of hand-picked wines for sale and a smart algorithm that will help consumers pick their favorite wine. As the company explains, people often drink what they think they should drink, meaning they choose the wine that they know it’s supposed to be good. This basically means that consumers don’t trust their own tastes, which is a pity, as people should be confident in choosing whatever they actually like.

“The algorithm is based on assigning values to each of the components we feel are important to wine: acidity, tannin level, alcohol level, and the presence of oak, herbs, flowers, fruits, earth, and spices,” says Dustin Wilson, one of the company’s founders. With it, Verve Wine could push people in direction of self-confidence – of believing their own pallets.

The system will work this way: users will fill out an online questionnaire that will serve as a basis for their personal wine-recommendation system. Then, as consumers rate more and more wines, the accuracy of their profile will grow and the suggestions will be tailored to their tastes. Basically, the more wine people shop, the better recommendations they’ll get, as that’s the way the algorithm learns.


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