Smart Casts With the Help of Algorithms

Image result for Smart Casts With the Help of AlgorithmsA co-founder of a startup Cast21, Jason Troutner, has created a completely innovative cast with the help of smart algorithms and engineering.

The new smart cast is completely different than a regular one– it uses new materials and new technology to combat the issues of regular casts such as poor hygiene and discomfort. With waterproof materials and an open structure, Cast21 makes the bone-healing process less uncomfortable. In fact, its design is 70% lighter than a regular fiberglass cast. “The technology consists of a flexible, hollow sleeve that adapts to the shape of the patient’s limb, and a resin that is injected into the sleeve to harden the sleeve into a rigid, solid structure,” says Troutner.

How did the company design this smart cast? With the help of algorithms, of course. Optimization algorithms helped match designs with the best possible materials.

The Cast21 has to be fitted by a medical practitioner and then injected with polyurethane resin into its hollow tubes. Only 15 to 20 minutes of waiting is required for the hardening process, and then you’re done.

The patients will be able to use Cast21 after the FDA approval, and according to the company, this could very soon – possibly next year.


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