Netflix movie recommendation algorithm

Ever ask yourself how the smart genius Netflix recommends to us the movies we love? How does Netflix know that what mood we are currently in are and which genre we want to watch. Well this is all based on Netflix movie recommendation algorithm. It is not as simple as we are going to describe instead it goes from complex phases of complicated processes to meet out requirements.

Netflix actually works on two principle procedures. The first one is restricted Boltzmann machines (RBM) and second is the method of matrix factorization. They both work to agonize each other’s performances. When you like, review or rate any movie, it then records your reviews and actions on each genre of movie. This then inputs the data into statistical form and finds out what type of movie lover are you. The thriller, romantic, lovely and all other sort of contents are tabulated for your entire profile using the described algorithms and then the movie recommendation genie works and tells you about the movies of your matching interest.


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