How Hackers Use Algorithms to Hack Data

As the time passes by, technology and the world of IT prospers, and so do the ways of hacking. Our data which can either be personal family data or confidential bank statements, are not safe on the internet these days. To do our best to keep our information secure, we must know the basics of how hackers hack or misuse our data.

The concept of sending data is that we align the data, and the computer encodes it by the means of an algorithm. The data which is encoded is encrypted and data is useless unless it is decrypted, which is done by the means of a similar algorithm present on the destination. This is important due to the internet being kind of like the Wild West. With a little bit of network engineering savviness, a hacker can siphon digital data as it moves through the internet towards its destination.

However at this point, the hacker does not have the encryption code. So, what he receives at this moment is gobbledygook. This is where the algorithms come in; they have a custom-made decrypting algorithm which helps the hacker to achieve the data and he is able to get away with it.

Also, sometimes a hacker is able to decipher the encryption and decryption algorithm and can manipulate the data and send it to the destination afterwards. This has been a cause of a lot of riots and losses in the world of business and stocks. The ease of hacker’s decryption depends upon the technique of encryption that is being used. We can never be 100% sure that we will always be able to keep our data safe from being hacked because hacking is purely based on technique, experience, and the variety of decoding algorithms.

The current need is for us to move to more innovative encryption techniques when it comes to confidential and personal data, in order to achieve maximum security from hackers.


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