What is Steganography?

Steganography is one of the most used encryption methods. Stegano- means “concealed”, “protected”, “covered”, and -grapy means “writing”. Steganography tries to conceal a message needed to be encrypted using unrelated text, picture, or file.

Ancient forms of steganography included wax-covered wood tablets with message on it, or message written with invisible ink between the lines of a conventional, ordinary letter.

After the development of computer technology, it has been able to hide massive amount of messages behind an image file or audio file.

steganography포맷변환_maxresdefaultThis image is an example of steganography. The first image is the original one, and second one is the one containing a message.

By decoding this picture using a steganography decryption tool,


we can get the hidden message from an innocent-looking image file!






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