The World belongs to those who Know how to Code

Whatever we use today, from our mobile phones to the apps, our LED televisions, those good looking tablets, laptops, operating system, ATM machine, all have one thing in common. That is a code. Coding has revolutionized how humans can make computers interact and do things differently. The Facebook you use was built on a code, so is the website that we are reading this post on. Moreover, the HTML link you read in the address bar is also part of a complex hexadecimal HTML code itself. So the question is why to learn to code, there are already so many coders out there.

One of the biggest dilemmas is will every job ask for programming skills, probably not. But programming helps humans achieve one thing. It helps humans solve problems. It is the generic problem-solving techniques we have. Even our DNA is a code. Currently, there are various websites on books that can help you learn how to code in the simplest of ways. You can learn Python, C+, C#, Visual Basic and JQuery for make apps and various other applications that can help you visualize data or play games. You can learn PHP or SQL to play with piles of data, which can relate to the new Big Data terminology. You can learn any language and it will help you do one thing, solve problems.

The software has become the language of our world and our world belongs to those who know how to code. Imagine the physicists and engineers, who are now part of your everyday finance. As per Dr. Dan Crow, the visiting professor at Leeds University and the Chief Technology Officer at Songkick, coding has transformed all of our fields. From biology, physics, engineering to aeronautics, military, finance and transportation. Humans have used codes to ease their flow of work while the computers have started to do the heavy lifting. So no matter your jobs asks for coding skills or not, at the end, you should learn it to help enhance your own analytical potential and no wonder help solve your own problems.


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