Response to club topic#1

I haven’t really thought of what algorithm really is before, so this post led me to look up what algorithm is and tried to understand it as easy as possible. I think people in their daily lives use algorithm without naming it. What I mean is that the ‘process’ of solving a problem itself is called algorithm, but no one comes up and says “I used algorithm.” They just say “I solved a problem!”. I think algorithm is practiced from early age without recognition. When we think about a problem and ways to solve it, that’s algorithm. Many solutions can exist to one problem, which means that different algorithms can be found and created. To give an example, we can easily think of Pythagoras and his Pythagorean theoreom. From the past until now, people have thought of innumerous ways to solve and prove the theory, and thus different mathematical algorithms have come up.

This… is how I understood algorithm in a much… more simple way XD


2 thoughts on “Response to club topic#1

  1. I agree that many people use algorithms in their daily lives without their acknowledgement. I also think that the example you used, the Pythagorean theorem, is an interesting example to come up with. Although the Pythagorean method indeed started as a single formula, mathematicians later found various ways to apply and alter the theorem that could be used very differently. Overall, I think this was a great post! I could emphasize to your definition of algorithm and your example definitely was an intriguing topic to discuss about.


  2. Thinking of a word ‘algorithm’ itself makes people fall into deep confusion. In fact, it is right there around us everywhere and everytime. Anyway, I think all the three members have similar ideas. I look forward to reading your next post!


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