The History of the Turing Test

I would first like to define the Turing Test before I get into the history of the Turing Test. Turing Test is tested to check if a robot is “intelligent in a sense of Artificial Intelligence, which is more commonly known as its acronym, A.I. The Turing Test is also known as the “imitation game” because of its process. (Sounds familiar, right?) “The test, as Turing designed it, is carried out as a sort of imitation game. On one side of a computer screen sits a human judge, whose job is to chat to some mysterious interlocutors on the other side. Most of those interlocutors will be humans; one will be a chatbot, created for the sole purpose of tricking the judge into thinking that it is the real human.” And if certain amount of judges cannot distinguish the chatbot with actual human beings, we can say that the robot has passed the Turing Test.
The Turing Test got its name from Alan Turing, because he was the first one to come up with an idea of creating a test to check robot’s “intelligence”. After the Turing Test was coined, there have been numerous attempts to pass the Turing Test. And there have been several robots that have claimed to have passed the Turing Test. However, the “passing” of the Turing test is extremely controversial. Some say that we have already passed the Turing Test in a sense that some percentage could not distinguish between humans and chatbots. However, some say that we are far from passing the Turing test because these chatbots that are tested were specially designed to pass the Turing Test, meaning that they were pretending to be human. They say this is against the purpose of the Turing Test.

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