Definition of Algorithm and its benefits

      Algorithm is referred to a group of rules or set of operations that must be performed to solve a problem. Simply put, algorithm is defined as a finite set of commands that one must follow to get an answer to a certain problem. The first thing that comes into one’s mind when one thinks of algorithm is probably a mathematical algorithm. From simple addition problems that one solved in kindergarten to complicated problem that involves calculus, algorithms are commonly used in mathematics. However, it is important to acknowledge that algorithms are applied to a wide range of subjects– mathematics just happen to be most well known out of them. While algorithms are most commonly used in mathematics and computer science, one can easily spot an application of algorithms in one’s daily life. For example, it isn’t very hard to spot a student playing around with a Rubik’s cube during recess. I remember that I was surprised to see how quickly my friends were able to solve a Rubik’s cube. I personally was very stunned when I found out that there are several algorithms that can be used to solve the Rubik’s cube. Like this, algorithms are applied in various fields.
     Then, why are algorithms so commonly used in our daily lives? What benefits does using algorithms bring? Well… The main reason behind using algorithms is that they significantly decrease the time spent on problem solving. Developing a specific algorithm is an extremely difficult process since one needs to formulate an algorithm that takes time and space complexity into consideration. If one doesn’t consider these two factors, it would either take too much time to solve the problem or the computer program might explode in the process. Despite the difficulty faced in creating algorithms, once the algorithm is developed, it takes much less time to solve a problem rather than solving the problem one by one. The efficiency of algorithms is what stimulates people to study and attempt to create algorithms.

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