The Wonderful World of Algorithms

Have you ever wondered why tough terms are used to describe simple things? Well, it’s the kind of question you ask when you come across the word algorithm. It simply means following set of steps that helps you to solve a mathematical problem or even complete a computer process. These are like road maps that you have used in your life to accomplish given tasks. It is a world that is concerned about offering solutions to problems, something that everyone craves for. Sometimes, if we only believe in ourselves, we can logically use the algorithms even without studying them. It is possible to solve some of the many problems in your life using the concepts. In any case, every time you open your email or listen to tutorials on your computer, you have used algorithms. Nonetheless, it would not hurt if you studied them so that you can get a broad perspective on the subject.

For a better understanding, you may think about two things namely input and output. In any problem, you will want to achieve the results or output. However, you need to take the inputs through a process in order to get the output. You will have to start from the initial state, follow instructions and execute them so that you can produce output. At this point you may want to ask- who needs the algorithms anyway? Well, yes, we need these functions because we need to solve complex problems in life and make decisions in real time. Human beings do not have the capacity to calculate infinite numbers and come up with solutions. In other words, we cannot calculate fast and long enough when thinking about infinite set of numbers. You will get tired and give up along the way. And if you finished the calculations, you may have made so many terrible mistakes because as they say, human is to error. For instance, someone making calculations for all workers in an economy can take so long to do so and will make mistakes that can cost governments a lot. Fortunately, algorithms solve these issues by introducing a term known as nth term and using some procedures to come up with the required results.

Note that the speed of algorithm depends on the size of input. Complex inputs will take longer to solve. Even so, there are some algorithms that have been devised to ensure that the numbers of operations are minimized, and thus helping getting the results faster. Professionals in the field try to find the shortest path from one point to another to make the algorithm fast. Alternatively, approximate algorithms are used when it is determined that the optimal ones are too slow and inappropriate in a given situation. Other types of algorithms include the random and compressions. Ultimately, computer scientists must know different types of algorithms so that they can apply them appropriately. Acquiring such knowledge is adventurous. People get to offer solutions to daunting tasks and even create better solutions to some of the most recurrent problems in the world. Indeed, wonderful is the world of algorithm.


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